02 October 2007

Hague on Mugabe's Knighthood

"Zimbabwe stands as a monument to the truth that while the power of a good government to do good is not infinite, the power of a bad government to do bad knows no limits."

Repeating calls he made in yesterday's Human Rights Commission fringe meeting, William Hague has not only echoed calls for tougher sanctions against Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe, but has just told the conference the dictator "Still enjoys an honorary knighthood from Britain. It is time it was stripped from him."

To much applause, he has also pledged that the next Conservative government will enact legislation that will require all future governments to submit any proposal for passing more powers to Europe to a national referendum.

If all these policy commitments prove sufficient to motivate those who would traditionally be inclined to support the Conservative Party to get out and vote, then Gordon Brown might find a closer fight on his hands - when he does pluck up the courage to announce a general election - than the opinion polls might presently suggest.

William Hague MP, Shadow Foreign SecretaryThe Shadow Foreign Secretary has endorsed The Difference campaign, saying:

"I fully support The Difference magazine's campaign urging greater international action on Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe is a repulsive dictator who has brought devastation to his country for twenty-seven years and it is time for the international community to take firm and concerted measures against his regime. The European Union should apply additional European sanctions to Zimbabwe without delay: widening the scope of the EU asset freeze and travel ban to include all relatives and business associates of members of Mugabe's ZANU-PF party, and subjecting the Governor of Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank to similar sanctions would be a clear signal of our intent. Beyond the EU, Zimbabwe's neighbouring countries, in particular South Africa, must also join the rest of the international community in pursuing a clear strategy to resolve the crisis.

The Zimbabwean people deserve our full support and their misery must not be allowed to continue."


Anonymous said...

I think the Mugabe "obsession" by Europe greatly exposes Europe's hypocrisy - its really starting to stink. The only time Europe really had an issue with Mugabe was on the controversial land reform he embarked on - redressing colonial imblances. Why has the UK never been called upon to respond to Mugabe's allegations "that Britain reneged agreements to fund the land programme". I think Europe doesn't really have the interests of the "black" Zimbabwean at heart - its all about avenging the disturbances to the livelihood of about 4,000 - 5,000 white farmers [ this has proved to be more than the interests of the 11to 12 million blacks. After all US actually published and enacted the Zimbabwe democracy bill - whose major point is that "land in Zimbabwe must be returned to the pre - 2000 status [you can read it]..." I can then ask - is it all about land ! I dont support Mugabe at all on a lot of areas - but Europe's continued ranting makes one think that maybe there is a lot more to the Mugabe agenda ! Its a shame if "racism" still exists in the 21st Century - I expect better from Europe - after all you are the "champions of human rights and democracy" ! The black man still has a long way to go! [signing off Sympathetic White Man].

Anonymous said...

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