31 October 2007

Cash For Muslims

In an effort to tackle extremism among young British Muslims in "ungoverned spaces" such as internet chat rooms, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears is to give £70m of tax-payers' money to set up websites to encourage young Muslims to talk about their identities and grievances.

Nice work if you can get it ... and we thought it was just oppressive governments such as Sudan's that offered cash incentives exclusively to Muslims! Of course, we are assured, this funding in no way discriminates against people of other faiths. Yet, as with providing a successful service to prisoners or some of the country's most needy children, or simply expressing one's faith through the wearing of small items of jewellery at school or in the workplace, this does come across as yet another case of double standards and a playing field in serious need of levelling.

What next ... state-funded madrasahs?