02 October 2007

Go To Work To Save Lives

What can I say? If you weren't here or, even if you were but you missed Iain Duncan Smith, you missed what everyone is already saying will have been the best speech of the conference - or, indeed, that anyone has seen for some conferences.

"Moving" - as so many have said - is simply an understatement. As for the three-minute standing ovation - as one former MP put it: it was an ovation the likes of which we haven't seen since the days of Mrs Thatcher.

Speaking of those who work in the charity sector and help former drug addicts to turn their lives around, some of whom who we saw interviewed on video, Iain said, "Every day they go to work, they go to work to save lives." May that be the passion behind what each of us does each day. And, as he concluded, in contrast with Labour who last week told us they want power "to destroy the Conservatives," let everyone be clear that the Conservatives want power to rebuild our country - to mend our broken society.


Anonymous said...

The person next to me commented after David Davis, "Solid but uninspiring." They had tears in their eyes after Duncan Smith. If only he could have delivered like that while he was leader!