09 October 2007

UN Fiddles While Darfur Burns

Darfur's surge in violence, that saw a town of 7,000 citizens burnt to the ground just a couple of days ago, continues...

A Sudanese army assault killed at least 45 people in the Darfur town of Muhajiriya, where bodies littered the streets amid burned out buildings ... Some analysts say the recent surge in violence in Darfur is an effort by warring parties to gain land before AU-U.N. mediated peace talks in Libya this month. Others said Khartoum may be trying to drive rebels from the peace process. [Reuters]
With Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) gathering in large numbers in at least six towns in northern Darfur, including Tine, Kornoy, Um Baru, and Kutum, further attacks are expected before the peace talks in Tripoli are due to begin, on 27th October.

Yesterday's attack, 130 kilomotres west of that in Haskanita, was allegedly supported by an SAF Antonov, painted white — the colour of the United Nations. Meanwhile, Jan Eliasson, the UN Special Envoy for Darfur is in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, for talks with Government officials. No doubt he will be as forceful as ever...