22 October 2007

Muslim Desecration Silence

I am willing to bet that if a Christian leader had incited 500 villagers to invade the local mosque, plaster dung on its walls, and cut the loudspeaker wires to prevent the call to prayer from being heard, Muslims worldwide would be in uproar and every newspaper front page would have covered the story. If the Christian leaders had subsequently been forced into signing a humbling apology, again, we still wouldn't hear the end of it as the incident would continue to be raised for months afterwards.

That you probably have not heard any report of just such an incident carried out by Muslims against a church in Pakistan, goes to show the difference in treatment given by the media to the two religions and puts last week's Common Word letter in context.

Muslims Apologize After Desecrating Village’s Christian Church

Muslims have submitted a written apology to Christians in a place called Gowind on October 12; two days after about 500 Muslims stormed New Apostolic Church in this village near the India-Pakistan border.

Shouting slogans against Christians, the Muslims cut the loudspeaker wires and plastered dung on the walls while 20 Christians were at an evening prayer service. They were protesting the church’s use of its own loudspeaker to broadcast its morning service. Muslim clerics then issued calls over mosque loudspeakers for a “social boycott” of Christians.

However, three Muslims — Daler Khan, Haji Yaseen Gardor and Tariq Mehar — signed the apology at the local police station while another 100 Muslims stood outside. The apology states : “We apologize to the Christians for desecrating the church and hurting their religious sentiments.”