16 August 2007

Airport Protests

Officers at the Camp for Climate Action outnumber the 600 protesters by two to one. [The Guardian]

airport protestor in a gas maskIs this really how we want to use our overstretched police? If the anarchist elements within the climate change movement pose such a threat — and, according to Sky News, are planning to cause disruption inside Heathrow — why not just shut the camp down and redeploy our tax-funded police officers to patrol our streets and protect the likes of Dr Victoria Anyetei, stabbed on her doorstep in Dartford on Tuesday, and Tyrone Gilbert, the father-of-three shot at a wake in Manchester last Friday?


Dr Realism said...

Watching the news just now, I was reminded of King Canute when the protestor arrested outside Biggin Hill said he had chained himself to the gate "to stop climate change"!

vinyamar777 said...

I am more concerned about the philosophy taking over the government guided police force, than about a particular focus of deployment.

The current government - and the other main parties are not blameless - has treated religions as all equally wrong as regards truth - indeed downgraded (postmodernised) the idea of truth. As belief is sidelined in an absolute transcendence from which we discern rightness, so we move closer to seeing that "equal rights" has no validity. Thus we shall move into beyond "force is right" to "force is force", with anarchy no longer being judged wrong, for where there is no right, there is no wrong, only relativity, so "to hell with humanity".

I grieve that a police force started by Christians is dying a death, not simply wasting time around airports.