01 August 2007

Carry On Scouting!

Cornwell Scout BadgeI remember well the Scout jamboree to mark the Scout movement's 75th anniversary at Gilwell Park in 1982, the "Year of the Scout" — among other highlights, it was there that I won a competition that first took me to the United States of America.

Many a happy hour did I spend engaged, first as a cub, then a scout, and finally a venture scout, in a whole range of indoor and outdoor adventures, working towards the next badge or award. Many fond memories do I have of activities such as abseiling, canoeing, and — of course — camping! And it is with pride and satisfaction that I earned the Queen's Scout Award and was conferred the Cornwell Scout Badge ("the Scout V.C."). The formative influence of my Scout leaders on my values and character probably comes second only after my family and my teachers — values I would identify as perseverance, excellence, service, compassion, and loyalty.

I therefore wish every Scout and former Scout a happy 100th birthday, this centenary day of Baden-Powell's first camp, on Brownsea Island. Long may the movement direct the paths of successive generations on the straight and narrow.One World One Promise 100 2007


The Stonemason said...

To John: though we may differ in our opinions about 'Doris' Johnson I too, as a former Scout (15th Chelmsford St. John's troop), wish the movement continuing success.

Anonymous said...

So the Stonemason and JOhn number among the thousands who have benefitted from being part of the Scout movement!

I add my voice to theirs and to wish the disabled scouts at Woodlarks Camp in Farnham, Hampshire this week, good weather, good scouting, good comradeship, and good luck for the future.

The only reason my youngest son is not there helping this year (first time is 23 years)is because he is any day now to become the father of (hopefully) a future Boy Scout.

Good luck to all the tireless leaders and helpers without whom the Scouting Movement would not continue to exist.

From a 'Dad' who has also served his time painting and decorating a scout hut in Emsworth Hampshire in the past.