31 August 2007

Another Winner Announced!

The September issue of The Difference is due off the presses this coming week, so it is time again to thank everyone for visiting this blog†, especially those who have taken the time to contribute to the many debates and discussions, either by posting a comment or taking our regular opinion polls. This issue's winner of our ongoing Comment Competition is Andrew Kennedy — Congratulations! A free copy of the magazine will be arriving through your letter box in a couple of days!

Andrew's winning comment was both insightful and deeply personal — if you missed it at the time, you can find it at Saviour Siblings or Spare-part Kids? Next issue will be out in October, so start posting your comments to be in with a chance of being next month's winner!

† Although August was a relatively quiet month, to date we have had over 14,000 unique visitors and more than 20,000 page loads.