09 August 2007

Olympic Boycott

China Boycott Union: Olympics cartoonEdward McMillan-Scott, Conservative MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber and a vice-president of the European Parliament, is calling for a Europe-wide debate on whether athletes should boycott the Beijing Olympics in response to continuing evidence of persecution, and even genocide, in China. He says, "The civilised world must seriously consider shunning China - and using the Beijing Olympics to send the clear message that such abuses of human rights are not acceptable."

What do you think? Should British athletes stay away next year? Take the poll in the sidebar and leave any further thoughts in the comments.

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Ex-pat said...

What does it say about Britain today when no British newspaper (that I can find online) nor the BBC has any coverage of yesterday's official launch of the Global Human Rights Torch Relay highlighting China's widespread human rights abuses ahead of Beijing's Olympics?