05 August 2007

Brown's Pension Revolution

pensioners warning sign"Ignoring council tax, pensioners' net incomes have been rising faster than average earnings."

... Which would be fine, if only pensioners didn't have to pay council tax, which has doubled since Labour came to power in 1997. The reality is, together with energy prices soaring and food prices set to rise even further as a result of the recent flooding, Chris Grayling, the shadow work and pensions secretary, is right when he notes Britain's poorest pensioners are seeing their incomes falling by up to four per cent a year — costing them on average more than £250 — and that the gap between better-off and poorer pensioners is getting wider.

So much for Government claims that more than one million pensioners have been lifted out of relative poverty under Gordon Brown's economic management.


Anonymous said...

I understand that Italian pensioners have just received a rise in their state pension. The rises varied between £206-265 PER MONTH.
Pensioners in Britain get that much per year if they are lucky. Many pensioners are paying as much as 30 percent of their state pension for council tax.
Please visit www,isitfair.co.uk and see just how they are ripped off

The Stonemason said...

As well current pensioners feeling the pinch due to Gordon Brown's policies, it musn't be forgotten that by his on-going smash and grab on the pension funds he is single-handedly destroying the livelihood of future pensioners. In our disunited kingdom (another long-term piece of New Labour meddling/destruction of something that was sound and the fruits of which will only be worked out when the wreckers have left the scene)it is the English pensioners who are hit hardest and who are going to have their hard-earned assets seized to pay for care when poverty induced illness drives them from their homes. Scotland - please vote for independence and take your politicians with you.

Anonymous said...

If pensioners are supposed to be so much better off with Brown, then I pity the poor workers!!

Having been flooded out of her Nursing home recently my colleague's Mother had to be re-housed in one of the few remaining Community Hospital while her daughter made countless phone calls and visits to find her a new vacancy in a Nursing Home, which was in reasonable travelling distance to allow visits to take place.

This for a confused and bed-ridden lady of 91 years old who has paid taxes all her life.

One of Cameron's constituents.