30 August 2007

"Mend Our Broken Society"

Cameron on NewsnightWell, much has already been written about Cameron's Newsnight interview last night, both in the dead tree press and across the blogosphere. If I were to recommend one opinion, it would be Dizzy's, who describes David's tack on immigration as "a brilliant piece of triangulation against Labour and the traditional Left":

Cameron's decision to frame the question of immigration around the idea of its potential impact on the public services makes the possibility of the instant knee-jerk charge of racism very difficult for Left to do. After all, if they just reject his comments out of hand they are effectively saying they don't care about the quality of the public services, and they're not going to do that now are they?
Personally, besides the overall strength of his performance (despite the distracting shadows caused by the vertical lighting), I came away with two main impressions. Firstly, his opening emphasis on his vision statement for a Conservative government, to mend our broken society. Secondly, his responses to questions about the European Union, which I thought probably wouldn't go down particularly well the EU-sceptics (let alone the eurosceptics) in the Party, but which surely serve as a rebuttal to anyone claiming that he is "lurching to the right."


prziloczek said...

I thought that this interview - which I watched all through - sounded the death knell of Liberalism.
The rich "unmarried" mother disdainind her £20 a week, the sneering little blonde chap whose name I have forgotten asking silly yes/no questions. YUK!
Meanwhile David Cameron, whom, up to then I have rather seen as "heir to Blair", came across as a passionate advocate of everything I believe in.
What do the journailsts call it - a "sea change" perhaps?