03 December 2007

America Leads Where Europe Fails

At a time when Europe is relaxing its sanctions against Robert Mugabe in order to permit him to have his say at the European-African summit in Lisbon, congratulations should go to America for imposing new travel and financial sanctions on another three and a half dozen people with ties to Zimbabwe's 83-year-old president, including the offspring of some prominent Zimbabweans studying in the US, whose visas will be revoked.

The Zimbabwean people deserve more than Europe's half-hearted support and their misery must not be allowed to continue. If you have not yet signed The Difference petition calling for the British government to do everything in its power to increase pressure on the dictator and his ZANU-PF regime, please take a moment to do so.


Anonymous said...

we would like to protest against a president like that, but there could be undercover scenarios and the media doesnt show it. there are so many example that what is shown to us is not what is really happening. for example there was a country(anonymous) with a war and UK tried to pressure on them that they r breaking human rights. i personally found out that they are fighting against terrorists but human rights orgs such as amnesty were supporting terrorsts! so when u sign petition be sure to find out the truth first!! the real truth!

Eric said...

yeah i know what u mean. Human rights watch, amnesty internatinal supports terrorism in the name of human rights. yeah we should be aware of the real situation. we swedish are against that!
Eric Rotternsburg from Stockholm.