10 December 2007

Putting Wind-Carts Before Sea-Horses

The Government's green light to build more than two offshore wind turbines per mile of UK coastline without first implementing a proper marine planning system through comprehensive legislation is potentially devastating news for the marine environment and threatened wildlife, including seabirds, fish and whales, not to mention the impact they will have on shipping and fishing. But it's all in the name of saving the environment, so it must be OK, mustn't it?

Whatever happened to talk of sustainable development? Clearly the same thing as talk of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, which is now higher than it has ever been over the past ecologically-enlightened decade under Labour.


The Stonemason said...

I was amused to read the other day that the govt was trupeting that they had broken the link between economic growth and carbon emission. I'm sure that the collapse of our manufacturing industry and the move to a service/public sector driven economy has nothing to do with it. We in the West cannot blame China and India for massive increases in carbon pollution when the factor driving that increasing pollution is partly manufacturing for our markets.