14 December 2007

The Question Unasked

Gordon Brown belatedly signing the EU Constitution-cum-reform treaty [Credit: BBC]I'm afraid I spent most of yesterday feasting on Christmas dinners, so this post comes to you somewhat belatedly. Yes, I know, I could have used the Blackberry, but then, so could Gordon have missed his appearance before the Commons select committee.

Anyway, the question that I have been puzzling over and that I haven't seen asked anywhere else is why a million people can turn out on the streets of London over the poll tax or, more recently, over foxes, but there has been no mass rally protesting the Government's constitutional surrender to Europe (treason, I think Cranmer calls it) and failure to give us our promised democratic referendum on such a historic issue.


Freelander said...

I see your photograph caught Gordon "In the Act" of signing us all away. It is not even as if he saved us taxpayers any money on the fare to Lisbon and back.