19 December 2007

Diana: The Soap Opera

 [Credit: efluxmedia.com]As far as I am concerned, the birth of a son to Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex certainly ranks as news. But can anyone tell me why the BBC insists on inflicting on us daily installments of the Diana Soap Opera during its news bulletins? If I wanted to relive her final moments over and over, I would buy the Daily Express, not look to what is supposed to be a world leader in independent news coverage.


Freelander said...

Lucky you to find a photograph of the Earl and Countess of Wessex with their new bundle of joy.

Most conspicuous by lack of media coverage. I wish them all happiness and long life.

The Stonemason said...

Celebrity beauty, princess, wronged wife, victim, charity campaigner, mother, wealthy. Diana had it all and absolutely nothing. If Diana stands for anything it is as an icon of the complete emptiness of what we strive for as humans. That her life was cut short makes her life fit more for a Shakespearean tragedy than a soap operra.