11 December 2007

One-Stop State Service Providers

So, under the Government's latest harebrained idea, headteachers are not just to oversee "extended schools" that provide breakfast-til-bedtime supervision of children, their schools are to become centres for family welfare services, providing parents with information about housing, benefits, parenting skills, and health. As for the "parents council" proposal to allow parents to have more say in schools, perhaps Children, Schools and Families Secretary Ed Balls hasn't heard of parent governors and parents teachers associations.

No Ball GamesIf schools are forced to assume the role of social services and become seen as mere extensions of the state, not only will the education of our children suffer even more than it has already done under Labour, but the trust that currently exists between schools and their communities will quickly be forfeited. To borrow Ed's phrase, maybe schools need to display a new sign at their gates: "No Balls games here".


The Stonemason said...

Ed Balls plans are just a means of embedding the socialist state within society, starting with the youngest and training them up in the way they want. My children's morality already consists of denouncing 'isms' and this is just another step along the way to PCdom. As the son of a foreign language teacher however, I warm to the proposal to teach language in primary school; I assume the language will be English in those areas of high immigrant population.

Freelander said...

And we thought 1984 had been and gone!!