04 December 2007

The Christianophobia Debate

Amidst the latest findings that four fifths of schools are not staging Nativity plays this year, the now common practice of rebranding Christmas as Winterval / Winter Lights / Celebrity Lights, and perennial reports that another council has ordered the removal of a wooden cross from a crematorium chapel over fears of giving offence, Conservative MP Mark Pritchard has called a Westminster debate tomorrow on Christianophobia, suggesting that attempts to move Christian traditions to the "margins" of British life have "gone far enough" and that the "politically correct brigade" run the risk of Christianity being hijacked by extremist parties.

Some have questioned whether this is a proper use of Parliamentary time, but perhaps the debate should be broadened to consider the extent of the Christianophobic problem in countries of our allies, such as Saudi Arabia (with whom, you'll recall, we supposedly enjoy so many shared values), where the government continues to bar Jews and Christians from bringing items such as Bibles, crucifixes and Stars of David into the country, threatening to confiscate them on sight; or Turkey, whom we are told should be allowed to join the European Union, despite continued attacks against Christians within its borders.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Mark Pritchard.

It is about time somebody spoke up for Christianity in this country and tried to put a stop to all this 'politically correct' nonsence which is costing taxpayers money and causing extra work for many (Refer to Nurses having to turn beds to face Mecca 5 times a day, reported in yesterdays press).

God Save the Queen! and may God Save England!

Anonymous said...

That certain elements of society have an agenda to destroy Christian faith, practice and tradition within the country is now blindingly obvious, fortunately the Holy Spirit has other ideas and has recently re-inforced the UK Church with many thousand African and Polish Christians. Anyone attending the Festival of Life last Friday would have been overwhelmed to see the EcCeL arena filed to overflowing with 25000 or more black Christians praising God and praying. God who is faithful to a thousand generations is not gving up on Britain.

John said...

Thanks Anon@10:03 for the "Nurses Told To Turn Muslims’ Beds To Mecca" story - and to provide running water for their Muslim patients to wash before and after prayers. The Express has it here. As Conservative MP David Davies observes, “Hospitals should be concentrating on stopping the spread of infections rather than kow-towing to the politically correct brigade. If the need for fresh running water is so great then perhaps family members could be on hand to assist the already overworked medical staff.”

batreader said...

Surely the majority of people WANT to celebrate Christmas - even if as a family / gift-giving occasion - the 'not-wanting-to-celebrate-Christmas' grouping is an incredibly small proportion of society. As a Christian, I am not offended when in Moslem countries by them celebrating RAMADAM - just challemged by it!

Christ-Centred Christmas said...

Pritchard is reported as saying "Taking Christ out of Christmas is like serving the Christmas turkey without the stuffing." Surely he means it's like serving the stuffing without the Christmas turkey?