07 December 2007

The Royal Christmas Petition

Further to this week's Christianophobia debate in Parliament, non-Christian Asian religious minorities are petitioning The Queen to protect Christmas and Christian worship:

Your Majesty The Queen, you vowed in Your Coronation Oath to both defend Justice and also to Defend The Faith in Your Realm, therefore we the undersigned urge you to formally call in Your Government ministers and instruct them on pain of dismissal to do the following by Christmas 2008:

1. End by Law the evil libel that Asian religious minorities are offended by Christmas or of peaceful public Christian worship;

2. End by Law the evil libel that Asian religious minorities in Your Realm are enemies of Christmas and Christian worship and education;

3. End by law that anyone can ban carol services in public or private places, nativity plays performed by children in schools or other Christmas worship;

4. Stop Your Government Ministers seeking to divide Your People in your Realm by emphasising and even inventing and fabricating bogus disagreements which cause needless resentment between religious groups;

5. Do all in their power to emphasise the huge areas of agreement and sincere goodwill between different religious groups seeking to express their faith by love for their neighbour and through acts of mercy and charity;

6. Put Merry Christmas on all Government Seasons Greetings Cards and official letters and websites issued in the month of December;

7. We also bless you Your Majesty and your family with a Very Merry Christmas and an extremely Happy New Year in 2008 in which we all pray that HOPE, FAITH and LOVE will re-emerge in our nation.
The petition will be presented to The Queen on December 21st and already has the support of Members of Parliament, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Christian leaders. Anyone interested in signing it should send their name to petition@apnalounge.com


Harvinder Singh said...

I am a sikh man who is born and bred in the uk, i have lots of asian friends, relatives and family and have never once heard of anyone hating Christmas or anything to do with this great time of year.Every Christmas we have a Christmas tree and we give presents ot each other so who is spreading this evil LIE?

I will be joining the website www.apnalounge.com and signing this petition today!

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible and upright petition, god bless https://www.apnalounge.com for such a remarkable move, we are with you all the way.

Patriot said...

I am British and I welcome this move.
In my view there are dark forces at work in this country pulling strings behind the scenes determined to undermine the British way of Life.
Thank you.
Oh and Merry Christmas.

Kevin Saunders said...

We need more of this kind of work form all UK born asians and non asians, YOU GOT MY VOTE APNALOUNGE.COM!