12 December 2007

Youth Restorative Justice

The Children's Plan: Building brighter futuresWe complained yesterday about the Government's Orwellian "One-Stop" plan to site the police, social care, advice and welfare services on school grounds. However, not everything in the Children's Plan was so ill-conceived. For, early next year a new scheme is to be piloted to deal with first-time offenders aged between 10 and 17 who have committed a minor offence. Under the scheme, such first time young offenders instead of being sent to court will have to explain their actions and apologise to their victim, either orally or in writing:

We intend therefore to pilot a restorative approach to youth offenders from April 2008. The Youth Restorative Disposal aims to prevent re-offending through a more rehabilitative approach and the involvement of victims so offenders have to face up to the consequences of even low level offending, and the pilots will look at whether this is a more appropriate way to deal with particularly low level, first offences.
Hopefully this will both help address behaviour to prevent reoffending at an early stage and allow police to deal with minor cases more speedily and efficiently, freeing them to deal with more serious crime. Whether the scheme proves at all successful may well depend on the kind of support provided to the first time young offenders after they apologise. Otherwise, the influences that led them to commit their first offence will presumably continue to lead them astray.


Patriot said...

Children will be children, it's natural, leave them alone.
Punishing children because one has called another a name or perhaps pushed another is natural rough and tumble of growing up unless it is serious, these Marxists should leave our children alone.
It is they who have undermined Parents and teachers ability to discipline children remember, it is they who have promoted 24hr drinking, it is they who have relaxed the drug laws, it is they who do not destroy the poppy crop in Afghanistan.
This was all deliberately done so they could step in later (IE Now) and Assume control of our Children.
They have undermined our childs welfare.
Next they will be saying we should be adopting Islamic Principles.

It's called Subversion.

It's their typical Modus Operendi, Engineer a problem to further the cause you originally wished to pursue.

And don't get me talking about the London Bombings.

Ludicrous Diversion

Anonymous said...

"youth restorative justice" what a heap of crap... this only works for young people who WANT to take responsibility for what they have done.
i am currently waiting to go to court with my daughter because an older boy at school decided to use her face as a punch bag for standing up to his bullying. my local community officer tried to persuade me that the RJD was an appropriate way of resolving this. as the mother of a victim i am not prepared to accept a lesser caution to 'massage' crime stats. i am sure most parents would want any crime against their child to be dealt with in a proportionate manner and not undermined in this way. it can only work in minor cases of petty theft, criminal damage etc but not where there is a victim of serious assault with no remorse.